Perfect for imaginative role play, For ages 4-10 years
Perfect for sand pits and outdoor play
Non-slip pedals, rounded edges and safety handlebar grips
700 x 1450 x 770mm, Turn your sand pit into a construction site!
Ideal for any early years setting, this digger encourages role-play, stimulates imagination, and strengthens right-left hand co-ordination as the movement of the shovel follows the movements of the hands just like on a real excavator.
High quality, stable construction makes the digger practically impossible to tip over. With non-slip pedals, rounded edges and safety handlebar grips for maximum safety.
Complies with all environmental and safety standards and comes with a 3 year warranty on frame and forks.
700 x 1450 x 770mm (wxdxh)., Please allow 2 weeks for delivery