KUBO Coding Map 1+1

KUBO coding sets for ages 4+ with lesson plans and task cards, Screen free simple coding
Age 4+
Includes lesson plans and task cards for students, Coding made as easy as a puzzle! KUBO is a simple, intuitive solution that makes it easy for teachers to introduce computer science and coding to students as young as four.
KUBO comes with free, beautifully illustrated lesson plans and task cards for your students, as well as video tutorials and quick start guides to help teachers get up and running.
Introducing routes, functions and loops in a few simple steps, the materials help children to develop increasingly advanced programming skills through creative challenges and activities. It is screen-free and easy to manage with sorting boxes for your Tag Tiles®. Coding Licence lesson plans, video tutorials and a Quick start guide, free to view or download on www.kubo.education.

KUBO Coding Map 1+1 Set contains one activity map and a blank map template for you to create your own challenges.

Please note you will need to order both the Single Body Pack and the Coding Set to use the KUBO Robot. If ordering for the first time you will need to order all 3 components.