Let's Boost Early Years Maths Outdoors

Great for outdoor learning, Includes over 10 different resources
Inspires important maths language
Encourages a range of collecting, counting and comparing activities, This bumper kit of resources is especially designed to be taken outdoors and works well independently or with other natural materials, encouraging a range of collecting, counting and comparing activities. Important maths language will be inspired as children play, problem-solve and investigate number, shape and measures plus opportunities for cross-curricular activities. Kit includes: Jumbo Number Pebbles, Tactile Counting Stones, Feels-Write Number Stones, Size-Sorting Eggs, Sorting Stones, Ladybug Counting Stones, Ladybug Early Number Cards, Honey Bee Number Stones, Honey Bee Early Number Cards, Dinosaur Match and Measure Bones, Dinosaur Match and Measure Cards and Let’s Talk About Maths., Please allow 1 week for delivery