Magnetic Polydron® Mathematics Set

11 different shape creations, Contents: 20 x Equilateral Triangles, 12 x Right Angle Triangles, 12 x Isosceles Triangles, 20 x Squares, 10 x Rectangles, 12 x Pentagons, 4 x Hexagons, 8 x Spheres, 12 x Quadrants, 4 x Cones and 4 x Cylinders, Contains everything you need to teach 2D and 3D shapes to primary school children: 11 different shapes with a total of 118 pieces making a comprehensive geometry set demonstrating the full range of geometrical shapes that primary school children need to learn.

Magnetic Polydron® combines the fun of construction with the lessons of polarity. The product is coloured black on one side with red, yellow, green and blue on the reverse. The pieces will join when the polarity is correct in line with the colours. Children will play for hours, experimenting with different shapes, building various models and constructions.