Play Gym, Complete Set

Supplied flat packed, Helps to develop balance and coordination
Ages 3yrs+
Indoor/outdoor use
Solid waterproof construction, Modular range of freestanding indoor/outdoor play equipment designed to stimulate the physical development of toddlers and young children.

Whether climbing, balancing, crawling, contemplating or sliding, children will have great fun whilst interacting with playmates and developing their physical, coordination and social skills.

The elements are attached together with a rubber rest and secured with a strong outdoor Velcro®/hook and loop fastener.

Manufactured from galvanised steel, compact grade waterproof laminate and resilient powder coating and tested to EN1176.

We advise that equipment is used on a natural or synthetic impact absorbing surface in accordance with the requirements of EN1177.

Please note that the components in each section can only be used as shown.

Each set includes:
1 Walkboard 900 x 250mm (h x w)
1 Arch Walkway 890 x 300 x 100mm (l x w x h)
1 Long Ladder 1200 x 340mm (l x w)
1 Trestle 300 x 440 x 440mm (h x w x d)
1 Trestle 600 x 540 x 540mm (h x w x d)
1 Trestle 900 x 540 x 540mm (h x w x d)
1 Magical Toadstool 820 x 250mm (l x w)
1 Stepping Leaves 880 x 200mm (l x w)
1 Square Platform 480 x 600 x 600mm (h x w x d)
1 Slide 1450 x 500mm (l x w)
1 Bridge 640 x 490 x 1150mm (h x w x l)
1 Rock Climber 1200 x 340mm (l x w)
1 Wonky Walker 1210 x 400mm (l x w)
1 Fire Engine 1200 x 680 x 1030mm (l x w x h)

Supplied flat packed.

The recommended ages for use of this item is 3yrs-11yrs., Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery