RABO Transporter

Dimensions: 1100x460x650mm, Strong and sturdy steel frame
Suitable for children with mobility difficulties.
Ages 3-8yrs
Light robust wheels, The Transporter is features a solid, powder coated steel frame and light, robust wheels. It also has an inbuilt trailer for children to bring along their favourite toys or a friend. The trailer is designed to be safe for children with mobility challenges.
Advantages of RABO® Trikes:
A RABO® Trike will always land on a rubber/plastic part to avoid scratches and give durability.
Spares are easily assembled without the use of special tools.
RABO® Trikes are the lightest on the market due to the use of lighter rims.
The item also includes a 5 year warranty on frame and forks.
Dimensions: 1100x460x650mm
The recommended ages for use of this item are 3-8yrs., Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery