STAEDTLER® Handwriting Pens

Color - Blue
Dry safe ink - cap can be left off up to 14 days without drying out, Pack of 100
Handwriting pen
0.6mm medium nib
Moulded grip
Long write-out length
Blue or Black ink
Pocket clip
Ventilated cap, Available in black and blue, the STAEDTLER® Handwriting Pens are a popular choice for individuals who are looking for a high-quality writing tool that is both comfortable to use and produces clean, precise lines. Sold in packs of 100, these pens feature a medium plastic tip with a 0.6mm writing line giving resistance on paper to form good handwriting.

The STAEDTLER® Handwriting Pens are known for their precision and clarity. The pens produce smooth, even lines that are free from smudging and smearing. This makes them an excellent choice for a range of writing tasks, from jotting down quick notes to producing detailed sketches or diagrams.

These handwriting pens from STAEDTLER® are an excellent choice for anyone who values quality, comfort, and precision in their writing tools. Whether you are a student, a professional, or a hobbyist, these pens are sure to provide you with the high-quality writing experience you are looking for.