STAEDTLER® Noris 121 Pencils

The classic bestselling school pencil with black and yellow stripes!, HB pencils
Available in a pack of 12, 150, 600 and a pack of 1500 in a Gratnells tray
Free eraser with 600 & 1500 packs whilst stock lasts, The STAEDTLER® Noris 121 pencils are a classic writing instrument that has been in use for decades. These pencils are popular among students, artists, and professionals alike, and they are known for their durability, reliability, and affordability. The Noris 121 pencils are produced by the German company STAEDTLER, which has been in the pencil-making business for over 180 years.

The Noris 121 pencils are made of high-quality wood that is sourced from certified sustainably managed forests. The wood is painted in a distinctive yellow and black striped design that has become notorious with the STAEDTLER brand. The pencils have a hexagonal shape that prevents them from rolling off tables and desks, and they are easy to grip.

The lead is made of a high-quality graphite that is specially formulated to provide smooth, consistent writing and drawing. The lead is also break-resistant, which means that it won't snap off easily, even when sharpened to a fine point. This makes the Noris 121 pencils ideal for detailed work such as drafting, sketching, and writing.

The Noris 121 pencils are available in a range of lead hardness grades, from 2H to 6B. This means that there is a Noris 121 pencil to suit every writing and drawing style. The harder grades (2H to H) produce light, fine lines, while the softer grades (B to 6B) produce bold, dark lines. Whether you're a student, artist, or professional, the Noris 121 pencils are a great choice for all your writing and drawing needs!