Talking Tubes Telephone Exchange

Encourages problem solving and communication skills, Comprises 8 handsets (4 Red, 4 Blue)
3 x 3m lengths and 12 x 1m lengths of strong yellow, hollow flexible tubing
6 in-line connectors and 6 ‘Y’ connectors, The ultimate conversation starter!

This pack enable numerous networks to be made. The tubes all have rubber ends so the handsets and connectors can easily be pushed into place and removed as required.

Talking Tubes can be used in any early years setting, both indoors and out of doors, to develop children’s communication, personal and social skills. The different sets can be used to communicate across a small distance, between rooms, across the outdoor area or even between the indoor and outdoor environments. Tubes can be buried and washed clean after use.
Curriculum Note: The spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing. Teachers should ensure continual development of confidence and competence in spoken language and listening skills.